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No one wants to spend their hard-earned money on expensive AC repairs. Prevent expensive repair jobs in or around Jacksonville, FL by keeping up with your biannual AC maintenance checkups. From cleaning out drain lines to checking for potential problems, our HVAC contractor at Air Tolentino, Inc. can do it all.

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3 signs that your cooling system needs repairs

3 signs that your cooling system needs repairs

When your cooling system starts to fail, you're likely to notice a few warning signs. Red flags that you need AC repairs could include:

  1. Your monthly energy bill rising
  2. Your indoor air quality declining
  3. Your home's temperature fluctuating

Systems that constantly turn on and off, make loud noises and emit foul odors should also be looked at ASAP.

If you've noticed these red flags, don't wait - schedule affordable AC repair services in Jacksonville, FL or the surrounding areas today.